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dalyjazz livingroomPerformances by world-class musicians are directly supported by DalyJazz listeners.  Your financial contribution enables DalyJazz to host jazz artists from all over the U.S., and from around the world.  DalyJazz and visiting artists rely on your support to make peformances possible.  There is no overhead at DalyJazz.  Zero. None.  Every penny of your contribution is directly devoted to hosting jazz performance and jazz musicians.

Your individual contributions not only make jazz performance possible.  Your contributions provide masterclasses for students, taught by the top jazz musicians in the world.  Your contributions make DalyJazz what it has become:  among the most geographically improbable, intimate, interesting, and inspired jazz venues in North America.  DalyJazz is not a business, or a non-profit organization.  DalyJazz is you: a group of engaged listeners and supporters pooling resources to make the best in jazz part of our community and our Daly lives.

Please consider making a non tax-deductible donation to DalyJazz.  If this is your first time, thanks!  If this is your second or third time, you already know exactly what I'm talking about, and how your contribution brings joy and well-being.  To contribute or sponsor DalyJazz events please contact us at dalyjazz (at) gmail, or use the contact form

What musicians are saying about DalyJazz:

"This is what jazz was meant to be..." -Joey Calderazzo

"You all make me feel like I'm finally doing what I was meant to do, uplift the hearts and souls of people"  -Azar Lawrence

"The last 6 performers at DalyJazz would be a major jazz festival in Europe." -Joe Locke

"Man, do you know any other places like this?" -Jeff Ballard

"I really had no idea what to expect.  But I'm definitely coming back!" -Dena DeRose

"      [silence]           [wry smile]            [silence]                 Is that Saag Tofu???!"  -Mark Turner

"I've been looking forward to this gig for months." -Geoffrey Keezer

"I almost never get to do this. You know, play for an audience who really gets it" -(better left anonymous to preserve future bookings)

"This is a little intimidating, not like Lincoln Center.  I mean you're all right there, listening!" -Grace Kelly

"...all of us who have already played there are clamoring for a return date..." -Scotty Wright

"Thank you...this was one of the best nights of my career.  I can't accept the check.  Just invite me back." -anonymous

"Let's do this again"  -Lee Konitz

"I sound like a broken record. Man, I can't thank you enough for everything!  But my check bounced.  Can we fix that?"  -Donny McCaslin

"Between you and me, your place was my favorite gig of the whole tour"  -anonymous by request

"I can't believe this place is here." - Several

"If I could only do a hundred gigs like this a year..."  -Hans Glawischnig

"Man, you should try these lentils!  Did you get any of those?"  -Luis Perdomo

"I haven't felt so at home in a venue in a long time, if ever..." -Will Vinson

"It couldn't have been better! If you can't sound good here, you can't sound good anywhere..." -Steve Swallow

*Quotes do not constitute an official endorsement of DalyJazz by anyone, including the aforementioned musicians.  Consider these quotes unsubstantiated murmurings, paraphrases, or lies and damn lies. Feel free to ask the musicians themselves.